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About Tully's Shop


My Luthiery background

*Graduate of Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery, Phoenix Arizona, Class of 1996. Educated in the art of guitar manufacturing and repair. 

*Washburn Guitar Company, Vernon Hills Illinois, 1996 - 1998. Head of Production Repair Department and involved in Research and Development. Final set up work for most of their major artists.  

*Founded Xrossbone Guitar Company, Bensenville Illinois, 1997 - Current. On and off guitar manufacturing and design.

*Sam Ash Music Stores, Burbank, Lombard and Buffalo Grove Illinois, 1998 - Mid 2003. In House Guitar Repair for all three stores as they opened in Chicago. Handling all walk in traffic and store stock. Pick up and Drop off service under Tully's Shop, 2003 - 2008.

 *Tully's Shop, Guitar Repair & Customizing, Bensenville Illinois, 2003 - Current. Handling all aspects of guitar repair and customizing excluding finish repair work. (Fully capable, just not set up for it.)

Services and Philosophy

Building and repairing guitars is what I love to do. Every guitar I work on is treated as if it were my own, delivering high quality work at a fair price. Setup's, pickup & electronic installs, nut manufacturing, fret replacement & leveling, tuner swaps, acoustic bridge & brace work, full guitar assembly and so on. I've been at this a long time and you'll notice the difference.

What people are saying

"Nothing like being able to have someone work on your guitars that knows exactly what you are looking for. Being a guitarist for nearly 20 years, I wouldn’t recommend anyone else!" Bill F.

"Simply one of the best!  Tully is very detailed in everything he does.  He listens and always does an outstanding job." Ric O.

"I’ve been taking my gear here for years. Excellent work and super fair/honest pricing." Eric B.

"Excellent work and fair prices plus super friendly. Will definitely be returning for ALL future guitar needs."  Mike P.

"Tully has been my tech for over 15 years now. From custom pickup installs to complete guitar fabrication he can do it all. I trust him with my priceless Custom Shop Jackson Guitars like they are his and have never had an issue. I would say I’m quite a demanding client with very special requirements and they are always met!
Tully is a true ambassador of guitar care!" Rob L.

"Amazing work every single time! Top level work/ craftsmanship at reasonable prices." Ric C.

"Tully worked on my '02 Les Paul. He did a fret level, set up, swapped out pickups, saddles, and did the Jimmy Page wiring. Excellent work and very reasonable in pricing. He's a one man shop, but was able to turn it around one week after ordering parts. He breathed new life into the guitar. I couldn't put it down. The Dimarzio PAF 36th neck and bridge sound amazing btw. I think I found my new guy for guitar repair!!  John P.

"Tully is the best. I took in my bass that had been sitting in storage for three years. The neck was severely bowed and needed to be intonated. I got a bass back that played and sounded better than it was when it was new. Tully is very attentive to details... Even fixing the zipper on my case."  Erik V. 

"I had some issues and Tully fixed them all!"  Chris P.

"Brought my 93 Strat in for a fret level and crown it never had any fretwork done before so it was way overdue. I got it back yesterday and everything from the fretwork to the setup is perfect! Quality work at a fair price."  Paul F.

"Just got my 2007 Strat back from an overdue setup/clean up. Tully did a fantastic job. Also beefed up my trem for me. Very happy with the results!"  Jim C.

"Tully's a great guy, called told him i had a half done project i got stumped on (a Stratocaster), he said "sure bring it in and we can see what i can do."  Left him the parts and said call you in a couple days.... Called me like he said to go pick it up. He even replaced a part for me that originally wasn't fitting, and the guitar looks and plays great. Thanks tully, will bring my guitars to him from now on."  Kuko.

"Tully is AWESOME! Highly recommended."  Aviran V.

"I own a very cool (1990's) American Standard Tele. Tully re-fretted it for me and it now plays like a brand new guitar. His prices were extremely fair and his work is outstanding. I'll definitely go back to Tully!"  Edward G.

"If you need it done right the first time... This is the place."  Jim K.

"I've been playing guitar for over 20 years in a band. Have always done most of my own repairs and set ups. A friend of mine found Tully and  brought 2 basses in for set up. My friend was so happy with the job Tully had done. Said the basses have never played as well even when new. So I brought one of my guitars in. Tully is a great guy, nice, easy to talk with. When I picked up the guitar it was fantastic !!!! Needless to say I've brought in 5 more guitars since. All top of the line Jacksons, Hamer, Charvel, Guild acoustic, Alvarez , and he has  made them play and sound better than ever. I would have never of brought in my expensive guitars any where but I trust Tully and his workmanship is top notch and prices can't be beat anywhere. His knowledge and skill are well worth his prices and he throws in his great personality for free !!!!!!  thanks Tully"  Andy M.  

"Tully is the man! Excellent work! Quick turnaround on a set up for my Ibanez. Price cannot be beat and the quality of work is unparalleled. I highly recommend Tully for anyone looking for great service at an unbeatable price."  Percey Z. 

"Great friendly guy! Did a nice setup and helped me out with a re-string issue I was having with my Epi Thunderbird. This guy knows what he is doing and he is good at what he does! You see the reviews, what are you waiting for?! Don't go to a mega store where they will do a half ass job and take two weeks to do it. Tully does all sorts of mods and custom work and his price on the setup was reasonable. Check him out!.. Give him a call and make an appointment first, he will fit ya in!" Carolyn K.

"Tully is the man. He works out of a little shop he built in the back of his garage but DO NOT let that put you off. His work is top notch.
Every time I bring in a guitar it goes from ok or good playing to amazing. Just tell him what you want and how you like things and he'll have it up and running in no time.
His prices are extremely fair especially since with the set up he always does an amazing job of cleaning the guitar as well.
I've seen his repair work and its great too. I cannot recommend Tully enough. I've tried almost every set up guy in the area and once I started using him I stopped going elsewhere.

Like I said Tully is the man!"  Kyle B.

"Tully has worked on my guitars for years and I even bought one of the custom guitars he built awhile back (that thing is wicked, too). He definitely does awesome top notch work and is one of the few shops around that I trust with my gear!" Jeremy H.

"Tully is a master. From set-ups on all types of guitars (including the touchy floating trem models) to customizations or ground-up builds, he can do it all. I brought my Gibson LP Jr Lite in for a setup last year and it came back playing and sounding better than the day I bought it!  You can't get this kind of service from your megamusicmart."  Geoffrey A.

"Tully does awesome work! Make it a point to visit Tully if you need any axe work done. He is always fast, friendly, and does top-notch work at minimal prices. I have had all my guitars as well as several friends guitars in Tully's Shop for setups and installs, and I couldn't be happier with his work."  Craig O.